your story to life
through illustrations

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When it comes to illustrations, there are no limits on your imagination. Feel free to get in touch if you are looking for something special, if you would like an individual illustration. For your project, product, brand – for your “universe”. I look forward to chatting with you.


Illustration »Petra«
Client: Manuela Egger, Lana


Illustration for beer label
Hofbrauerei Hubenbauer, Vahrn
Graphic design:


Editorial illustration for COR – the guest magazine of the tourism organisations of the Eisacktal, South Tyrol


»La vita è bella«
1/5: Franz
Client: Da La Vedla,
St. Kassian - Gadertal
»La vita è bella«
2/5: Clary
Client: Da La Vedla,
St. Kassian - Gadertal
»La vita è bella«
3/5: Lisa
Client: Da La Vedla,
St. Kassian - Gadertal
»La vita è bella«
4/5: Elide
Client: Da La Vedla,
St. Kassian - Gadertal
»La vita è bella«
5/5: Axl
Client: Da La Vedla,
St. Kassian - Gadertal


T-shirt illustration
Client: Wildhorns,


Personalised illustration
Client: Silvia Gasser,

This is how
we bring our project
to life

We discuss your idea in a call or face-to-face meeting.
I create the illustration. Together we fine-tune it until it is 100% right for you and your project.
You can use the illustration in a variety of media.

Joint values
Joint projects

They say that visions help sow the seeds of the path you follow and reflect the things you care about. My vision? Joint values, joint projects – working together with sustainable companies. Close to nature, stylish and with a heart. So, if you too are trying to keep the health of our planet in mind and are also fascinated by aesthetics and style, feel free to knock on my door. For your brand or product, your menu, event, wedding or wine bottle label – when it comes to illustrations, there is a multitude of possibilities. Let’s sow some seeds – for the part of the journey that we share.

views about
working with me

»We found out about Elisabeth from my sister. She made some wonderful thank you cards for her. From the moment we first met it was clear that we would make a good team. The joy and enthusiasm with which Elisabeth works are infectious. Her sensitivity, the wonderful details, the elegance and humour with which she produces her illustrations are what single her work out. A unique artist.«

Elide Mussner and Axl Pizzinini, Da La Vedla - St. Kassian

»I like the passion behind all of Elisabeth’s creations. She loves what she does and that is reflected in her fantastic work. She quickly understood my vision and perfectly made it reality for my customers. I am delighted with the result and look forward to more products from her that I can give as gifts.«

Silvia Gasser, bestselling author
Elisabeth Mair - Illustrator - South Tyrol, Italy - Photo: Thomas Tribus
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