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Even as a child I loved to draw. Creative work, my passion for Nordic design and the simplicity of nature are what inspire me. I found my style with openness and a feel for beauty: illustrations that express motivational messages. More


Nature is my most beautiful source of strength. Above all as a way of finding balance. And inspiration. In my work as a web designer I was able to gain a lot of creative know-how. Now I am wholeheartedly an illustrator. An appreciation of and attentiveness to nature are particularly important to me. And so it seems to make sense that I sustainably craft the paper for my work from pre-used cardboard.

Apart from this, I am mother to two children, have a great husband by my side and am excited every time my illustrations carry happiness out into the world.

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Every project, be it large or small, starts with a first step. So, why not pick up the phone or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you. And hearing your wishes, questions and inspiration...

+39 378 0826 766

South Tyrol

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